Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How Important Is Detox to Our Bodies?

Good health, as is well known goes hand in hand with nutrition. What we consume daily can either make or break our bodies' and their functions. Most of what we ingest ranging from food and water are provided by unknown sources. This is due to the unhealthy and busy lifestyles we lead nowadays. Most of those who live in urban areas, large towns and cities no longer have time to find their way into a kitchen to fix themselves a homemade meal.
People are enslaved to eating out and the grub lifestyle due to their hectic schedules. Everybody is fighting to make an extra coin and in the process we tend to forget that nutrition is actually the most important aspect in living healthy. In the end, many actually do succeed in making that pile of money but few do live long enough to enjoy it. Why? Because we are all absorbed in this way of life that we actually forget to nourish the same bodies' that we tire. If only we could be as keen on watching our nutrition as we do our finances!.
Water is a basic part of us. One can go long enough without food but not without water. The human circulatory system itself has a component called plasma which is made of over 90% water. Many at times the homes we live in have tap water. Rarely do we know the sources of the water we drink or what processing it undergoes before it gets to our taps. Or even how clean it is. Talk of ignorance! Tap water is treated in large tanks with large quantities of chemicals so as to kill bacteria and viruses that are unseen to the normal eye and which are also harmful to our health.
Chlorine, Fluoride, Calcium Hydroxide, and other salts are just a few of the components of the water we use. We often forget to question the routes and pipes the water passes through to get to our taps. Those pipes are centuries old and most probably bear more contaminants than we could know. Same thing applies to the fast foods we partake. They are extremely processed and spiced, too oily and overcooked. Everybody is in the business for the money.
It is really important to be responsible for your own health and if at all you have to eat unhealthy, make a habit of getting a detox every often. This helps your body eliminate toxic wastes and leaves you feeling healthier and rejuvenated. One can choose to detox by using pills or natural detox. Natural food detox mainly involves cutting down on oils, caffeine, sugars and alcohol. Always make sure to maintain hydration and up your water consumption levels. Cut out on processed foods and take-outs. Avoid eating in restaurants because you are never sure of how your food is prepared. Exercise often as this helps you sweat. Sweating helps the body release toxic wastes and salts. Completely eliminate or cut down totally on sugar, caffeine and alcohol as these play a huge role in adding toxic substances and unnecessary fats to our systems. Add more fiber and vegetables to your diet. Fiber actually gives your gut exercise and keeps it active in function. Most importantly, get enough sleep as this helps your brain coordinate well with your body systems and functions.
Detox pills on the other hand, are used by many to help them shed off weight. This gets tricky since once you are off them chances are high that one will regain their weight. The difference between detox pills and natural food detox is that the pills are unreliable. Detox pills are also costly as they could need supplements.They are also low in calories and nutrients and they leave one feeling hungry and weak. Pills work by holding back toxins in your body instead of flushing them out.

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